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Build a Brand Kit in Canva in Three Steps

Updated: May 26, 2020

Everyone should be using Canva for quick, easy graphics for your website and social! Despite being well versed in Adobe Creative Suite, I often find myself opting to use Canva to create graphics. I have the upgraded version that easily transforms sizes and offers a wide range of features that easily upgrades your graphic game!

Today, I'm going to give you a Quick Tip on what has been a GAME CHANGER in my design workflow and is available for all versions of Canva: Brand Kit.

Canva's Brand Kit allows you to upload logos, set a color palette, and chose (or upload) fonts to easily put together graphics that are on brand and consistent.

Locate the Brand Kit in the Left Navigation.

You will pop up a screen like this one:

Getting your Brand set up in Canva is as simple as completing these three categories.


Click on the + and locate the folder in which your logos are located on your computer.

TIP: Add every variation you have. Submarks and logos should be used to create a wide variation of branding. You can see from mine above that I add both the B logo and the full site logo to be used in graphics.

STEP TWO: Colors

Click on the + to add your colors.

The colors will need to either be picked from the color wheel or added as a HEX code.

TIP: Have a Pantone but no HEX code? Visit the Pantone website and enter your Pantone color. It will give you the closest HEX code available.


You will need to identify your Heading, Subheading, and Body fonts and size. (Suggested sizes are provided).

TIP: Don't see your font? Easily upload it to Canva in this window.

Your completed Brand Kit will look something like this.


Now you may be asking me...GREAT but how do I actually use this?

Let's check it out:

Locating Logos:

Under your left navigation, you'll find Folders. Within this window, select logos to find your uploaded logos.

TIP: The grey patterned background shows that these logos all feature a transparent background.

Locating Text:

When using designs with text select your pre-templated Heading, Subheading, and Body to chose your branded fonts.

Locating Colors:

When choosing your element colors, your color palette will be set. You can also create custom palettes per project as well.

I hope this was helpful!

Happy Designing!


Having an unconventional high school experience (Art School kid here!) has defined Becca into the creative that she is today. 

With degrees in Fashion Merchandising + Luxury Management, Becca understands what branding means to heritage brands (think Givenchy + Moet) and how those attributes can be applied to your business. Let's Work Together!

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