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Is It TIME to HIRE a Designer?

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

As a business owner, you're already wearing too many hats, from accountant to social media. Throwing design in the mix may just be the thing that you can afford to outsource.

Unlike reading that we were trained to do or financial planning that we had to figure out, the design is not something that comes naturally to most people. Lucky for you, there is some of us that thrive on it!

Here are some reasons it might be time to finally make that call and hire yourself a designer STAT!

Your creating content across all of the channels and can't keep up with what works where!

Social media calls for unique on-brand content across channels. However, some play favorites. Bright colors attract people on YouTube where natural photography draws a repin on Pinterest. Keeping up with what works and is REQUIRED on each channel is a lot to keep up with today's always-changing world.

Your Prospects aren't sure what you do.

Whether you're launching a new product or aren't closing the deal on your existing products, the issue may lie in how it's being presented. A mockup sells a product faster than a presentation on how it COULD look. As visual creatures, the sale is in how it is presented.

Time is limited because you're just TOO BUSY!

I am a firm believer in outsourcing when the time is right. By investing in a designer, you're investing in someone with established workflows and efficiencies. This buys you more time in getting things executed and saves you in doing it yourself. WIN-WIN! As you become busier, the time to outsource becomes more and more important, as it allows you time to do the things you LIKE to do.

You're ready to start running ads or you already are and aren't seeing any ROI

Taking the plunge of paid ads is a big one! Congrats! Having a designer you create an ad that is on brand and meets the nitpicky Facebook and Google guidelines to ensure that you are putting your best digital foot forward. By still maintaining a on-brand ad, your customer will gain trust to see a similar branded site. Designers can also help build you a true sales funnel that keeps customers clicking 'Add to Cart'.

You're ready to increase prices.

If you already have a home run, it may make sense to improve on the profit puppy.

A few tweaks can add value to your already existing offer.

Do you meet one or more of these criteria? Are you ready to make the call? Schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation today!

Happy Designing!


Having an unconventional high school experience (Art School kid here!) has defined Becca into the creative that she is today. 

With degrees in Fashion Merchandising + Luxury Management, Becca understands what branding means to heritage brands (think Givenchy + Moet) and how those attributes can be applied to your business. Let's Work Together!

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