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Red, White, and BLUE! : Patriotic Photoshoot

Memorial Day has passed so it's officially RED, WHITE, AND BLUE SEASON! Sharing a few of my favorite shots from past work at Katherine Way. At KW, I worked to help plan, execute, manage, and postproduction edit photos for all of our large campaigns. I had the opportunity to work at some of the prettiest locations and with some of the best photographers in Jacksonville,

The first set was located in Walter Jones Park in Jacksonville, Florida. If you're looking for something rustic and right on the River, look no further than this park. Perfect for a wide variety of backgrounds and definitely great for family photos.

The star of the show was Cashew the Golden of COURSE! How could she not be? She made the perfect accessory for our patriotic photoshoot.

Is there anything more American than a Golden with a Flag?

Wardrobe: Katherine Way

Photography: Figure 8 Studio

Our second picturesque location was the Atlantic Beach Country Club, located 30 minutes from Downtown Jacksonville. Their stunning facilities were always the perfect location for any photo shoot. The team's hospitality was above and beyond what we could've expected.

Wardrobe: Katherine Way

Photography: Figure 8 Studio

The last location was actually right outside the headquarters of Katherine Way. Luckily, our office park featured a beautiful green space that offer itself up for impromptu photoshoots.

Wardrobe: Katherine Way

Hoping this provides you patriotic inspiration for Summer 2020!

Happy Art Directing!


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