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Creating a Cohesive Brand: Brand Colors

You can ask any of my friends from grad school (Shout out to my SCAD LXFM people!) I am one for COLOR. While everyone else was designing in shades of grey, black, and navy, I often found myself using color to express myself and who I was. I was the girl who showed up to presentations in pink pants and a chambray top with a blazer (no arms of course!) accessorized with just the right pop of color, looking more like I stepped out of J.Crew catalog and less like a Chanel runway. When designing my own brand, I started with mint, then neon pink, and finally landed on coral. A color that reminds me of the sunsets over the St.John’s River in my hometown of Jacksonville. This preppy color is representative of me, my roots, and my feminine, compassionate side.

When you begin thinking about color as it pertains to your brand, you need to think about how your key Brand Personas feel when they see those colors but also how they represent you. When you think about brands like IKEA, McDonald’s, or Amazon, you know exactly what color to associate with those brands without even thinking about it. You are subconsciously recognizing those brands and the feelings evoked.

Color plays an important role in all of our lives. From the red flashing lights of an ambulance to the bright colors of a swimwear brand, the colors you chose will evoke a feeling and symbolize who you are as a brand. Are you trying to be a high-end luxury spa or are you more girl next door boutique? Are you looking to provide legal counsel or provide light airy wedding photography? Learn more about color and gain a little more inspiration below!


Love • Passion • Dramatic • Powerful

A go-to for brands that are evoking passion and drama. Red should be used minimally to not be too overpowering.


Soft • Girly • Sweet • Beauty

A go-to for the beauty industry, pink evokes a feminine, soft side of the viewer. Brighter colors can evoke a stronger girl power.


Warm • Playful • Friendly • Confident

A go-to to create high-energy without feeling too overpowering. Inviting and energetic without causing a sense of rage. Often used by fitness brands


Positive • Energetic • Cheerful • Joyful

A go-to for restaurants as it stimulates the appetite! This color evokes feelings of happiness and excitement.


Fresh • Organic • Earthy • Positive

A go-to color for freshness, balance or eco brands alluding to nature’s natural freshness. Also can represent wealth and growth, like your favorite fiddleleaf fig!


Calming • Peaceful • Trust • Reliable

A go-to for financial institutions, social networks, and spas. Evokes a feeling of dependability, loyalty, and calmness.


Majestic • Luxury • Abundance • Wealthy

Darker shades are a go-to for luxury brands, while lighter brands are used to represent femininity. Evokes feelings for creativity, spirituality, and royalty.


Sleek • Modern • Futuristic • Tech-Driven

A go-to for modern technology companies as well as conservative corporate settings. Evokes feelings for calm, sleek, and neutral


Bold • Powerful • Sophisticated • Elegant

A go-to for fashion and luxury brands, Black represents power and elegance.

How are you using color to create a cohesive brand? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Designing!


Having an unconventional high school experience (Art School kid here!) has defined Becca into the creative that she is today. With degrees in Fashion Merchandising + Luxury Management, Becca understands what branding means to heritage brands (think Givenchy + Moet) and how those attributes can be applied to your business. Let's Work Together!

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