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Featured: Design + Music Festival with AIGA Jacksonville

Updated: May 26, 2020

Last month, I participated in the Design + Music Festival with AIGA Jacksonville. This event challenges designers and artists to create a poster around a song lyric or their favorite artist. For the second half of 2019, I have been FEELING Lizzo. She represents a sense of confidence that women of every age should feel about themselves.

On October 5, my poster design sat along with some of the most talented in Jacksonville. This competition challenged me to step out of my bubble and be more confident in my abilities, just like Lizzo teaches us.

Thanks to AIGA Jacksonville for the opportunity to participate!

Having an unconventional high school experience (Art School kid here!) has defined Becca into the creative that she is today. 

With degrees in Fashion Merchandising + Luxury Management, Becca understands what branding means to heritage brands (think Givenchy + Moet) and how those attributes can be applied to your business. Let's Work Together!

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