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Modern Newsletter Design

Updated: May 26, 2020

Looking for a modern take on a newsletter? Recently tasked with creating a bi-annual recap for our B2B customers, I created a newsletter that would engage them with the newest products, procedures, and announcements in a short digestible form. With the intention to create seasonal colorways, this issue featured icy blues and navy to wrap up the 2019 season.

The document was submitted via an interactive PDF that directly linked to reference material within the S&P website. This modern twist allowed customers to save and reference the document when they needed it. The accessibility to the main news and updated procedure made it a great literature resource for onboarding new customers.

To learn more about my role at S&P USA, visit here.

Having an unconventional high school experience (Art School kid here!) has defined Becca into the creative that she is today. 

With degrees in Fashion Merchandising + Luxury Management, Becca understands what branding means to heritage brands (think Givenchy + Moet) and how those attributes can be applied to your business. Let's Work Together!

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