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FIVE Graphics you need for your Small Business’s Social Media channels

As a lady with many hats, you may be wondering where do I even start with graphics? There are FIVE basic images that you need to have in your back pocket to make sure you always have something to share in the world of social media as a creative entrepreneur.

When I’m starting with a client, I always sneak a peek at what their social channel looks like, “Is it cohesive?”, “Does it entice me to look through it?” and most importantly, “Does it make me what to save or share their post to my stories?”. You want it to reflect your key customer and be true to your brand. Learn more about the 5 graphics you should have in your tool kit.

  1. Graphics to educate your audience

Who you are and what you do are two key points that someone should know about you and your business. Too often as creative Entrepreneurs, we forget to share the most important thing: What we do! Create graphics that show you, your face, and your product and services.

Example: Mockup like the one below from my project with Broadway Weekends is perfect for showing your future customers what you do while staying in your grid story

2. Graphics that promote your latest work

It’s time we all start bragging about ourselves a little more. Share the thing you’ve just completed with mockups, or provide behind-the-scenes views of your process if you’re a service-based business. There’s no shame in the #humblebrag

Example: After creating gifs for the Jax Noles Club, I shared them to my story to encourage others to use them for this game day graphics too.

<iframe src="" width="480" height="480" frameBorder="0" class="giphy-embed" allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href="">via GIPHY</a></p>

3. Graphics to encourage engagement with your audience

Create shareable quotes, ask questions to your key customers, and provide beautiful imagery that people want to save for later.

Example: Quotes that people feel like sharing are great here for your reach. Asking an engaging question is always good too.

4. Graphics about your next Launch

Are you getting ready to launch a new product or service? Make sure you have the graphics and images to support that next launch through strategic messaging. You don’t want people to NOT know you’re launching a product, do ya?

Example: Megan Martin always has a great graphic for their launches. Whether it's a website launch or a class launch. Check her out here.

5. Graphics for Promotions

Just like when you want people to know you’re launching, you want them to know you’ve got something special just for them. Because that’s what we all want after all right, to feel special? Promos would buy one, get one frees, sales, or any other “gift” with a purchase you have going on. Think of these as the final push in your “add to cart” purchase!

Example: Clear and to the point, Simplified knocked it out of the park with this one.

Now that you know which graphics to have in your small business, think about using them correctly to create a strategic plan of promotion for you while engaging and serving your key customers. Let me know which graphic you’ll be creating next!

Happy Designing!


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